No Pull Harness | The Best No Pull Harness For Your Dog

No Pull Harness | The Best No Pull Harness For Your Dog

November 06, 2020

Are you looking for a no pull harness for your dog? Look no further than the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness.

The CORE-1 Harness is a daily-use no pull harness designed specifically for medium to large breeds. This harness will fit your dog perfectly as the girth and chest straps are fully adjustable. We designed this harness to be comfortable for your dog during use. The outer layer of this harness is waterproof and memory foam is used for the middle layer. The inner layer that touches your dog's skin is a breathable material that wicks moisture away.


We added several convenient features onto this harness. One of the features on this harness is the traffic handle embedded at the back of the harness. This handle is easy to grab and can ensure control of your dog when you need it. An innovative built-in waste bag dispenser is incorporated with the harness as you'll need waste bags when "nature calls". If you like to customize your dog's harness, the velcro patches are removable and custom patches can be made to order.  There is also an additional side D-ring where small accessories such as an inflatable water bowl may be attached.



Attention to detail was put into designing and crafting the CORE-1 Harness. All in all this harness is preferred by the professional dog trainers that Paw Five endorses. Choose the best no pull harness. Choose the CORE-1 Harness.