No Pull Harness - Paw Five CORE-1

no pull harness

A no pull harness is a vital training tool that can help your dog learn proper leash manners while protecting him from any leash-related injuries. However, you need a dog harness that is comfortable and user-friendly and allows you to take complete control of your walks.


No Pull Harness


The CORE-1 harness from Paw Five is an ergonomically designed heavy-duty dog harness that ensures durability and convenience without compromising on the comfort of your dog. Easy to put on and take off, this dog poop bag holder harness brings the dogs to heel with hardly any effort. Practical, durable, user-friendly, stylish, and comfortable, this no pull harness makes it easier to get your walks back on track.

The CORE-1 harness is fashioned to sit over the dog’s shoulder to prevent pulling, choking, and reducing pressure on contact points. Moreover, the fully adjustable girth belt is particularly positioned to prevent rashes or chaffing on the abdomen of your dog. Its padded traffic handle gives the dog owners more control of their dog in critical situations.

Constructed with memory foam, this best dog harness molds comfortably to the dog’s body while the breathable inner liner reduces heat. The most convenient feature of this product is the built-in waste bag dispenser, which ensures that waste bags are at hand whenever you need them. It is very likely to forget poop bags when you go out, but this no pull harness takes care of that very conveniently.

This versatile dog poop bag holder harness comes with forged D-Rings and double-stitched seams that guarantee maximum strength and durability. This construction makes it easier for this no pull harness to endure tension from tugs and pulls. It is available in five gorgeous colors. These include leaf green, lava red, stealth black, diamond pink, and sky blue, thus giving dog owners a choice to pick the one they like best.  


No Pull Harness 1


Finding a comfortable big dog harness can be quite difficult, but the adjustable waist and chest straps of the CORE-1 make it perfect for huskies or other big dogs. It also features a D-Point Attachment System with a heavy-duty D-ring at the back for the leash and one D-ring on the side for attaching various accessories such as keys, etc. Constructed with waterproof material, this best dog harness is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking. You can get ready instantly with just a snap of the buckle. Moreover, the reflective tape and the glow-in-the-dark patches means that you can walk your dog safely even at night. You can also personalize this harness by writing the name of your dog on the side patches.           


No Pull Harness 2


Whether you are an adventurous soul who loves to take his dog with him when going hiking or are just out of the house for a simple stroll, this heavy-duty dog harness from Paw Five will make all your walks highly enjoyable for you and very comfortable for your dog. However, make sure that you measure the girth of your dog accurately with a measuring tape to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.