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The Story of Paw Five

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Honey going for a swim

-Based on a true story

It all started halfway across the world on a beach in Asia when Paw Five founder Michael found a missing Golden Retriever. Waiting until the sun has set and no owner to be found. He names this dog Honey and the Paw Five pack starts with two souls trying to survive in this world. They say dogs are "Man's best friend" and this story holds true. With only his backpack, few belongings and a few hundred dollars in his pocket. He sets out on an adventure that almost brought him to the brink of surrender and back. 

Over the next 8 months, Michael and Honey would struggle to survive. He works a part-time job that brings in just enough to feed them and put a roof over their heads. With a few hundred dollars in savings and drawings of his harness design. He creates a prototype using materials bought online and sewn together with the help of his local tailor. Prototype in hand, he takes his last chunk of cash and negotiates with a local garment manufacturer to produce the first batch of Paw Five's first product. The CORE-1 Harness.

Making use of every opportunity available. He and Honey attends trade shows, local dog parks, pet shops and wherever they can market their product. Backpack and trolley in hand, they manage to sell out of their stock in 12 days and this gives them enough capital to re-order their product. The Paw Five pack started with only 2 souls and now has grown to 80 members.

Paw Five's core values are honesty, adaptability, trust, love and a Never Give Up attitude. To dog owners all over the world. Join the Paw Five Pack.