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In 2017, Paw Five was founded on a simple mission: build the best pet supplies you use every day.


honey the golden retriever paw five about us


Honey going for a swim


The beginnings of Paw Five started in the spring of 2017, when I came across a Golden Retriever trotting alone on a beach. As I approached, I saw that she looked fed and well trained, but there were no ID tags. Figuring that her owner would come find her sooner or later, I spent an enjoyable afternoon watching over her at the beach. As the sun began to set, there was still no signs of her owner.

I decided to post a photo and description of her online, hoping to find her home. Weeks went by without a call. Having built a connection with this Golden Retriever, I couldn’t see myself taking her to the shelter, and instead I adopted her. I gave her the name Honey, which was inspired by her sweet personality and honey colored fur. From that moment on, I wanted to change the lives of owners and dogs, the way Honey did for me.

Thus the start of Paw Five. It was founded on a simple, yet challenging mission: to create the best pet supplies we use every single day.



 To fulfill our mission, we focus on five objectives to implement in all of our products:

  1. Security
  2. Comfort
  3. Durability
  4. Functionality
  5. Innovation


Thus is the meaning of our brand name, Paw Five.


At Paw Five, our products are designed and crafted with our group of professional dog trainers, product engineers, designers and owners.

Paw Five's core values are honesty, adaptability, trust, love and a Never Give Up attitude. To dog owners all over the world, join the Paw Five Pack.