No Pull Harness- Different Types of Dog Harnesses Explained

No Pull Harness- Different Types of Dog Harnesses Explained

October 27, 2020

Are you looking for a no pull harness but confused about the different types? Look no further than this article. We're going to explain the 3 types of harnesses that are available on the market and which you should choose.

There are essentially only three different types of no pull dog harnesses produced by pet manufacturers and they come in different variations.

  1. Front attachment harnesses
  2. Back attachment harnesses
  3. Head harnesses or head collars


Front Attachment Harnesses

Front attachment harnesses have an leash attachment at the front of the harness, where your dog’s chest is. Front attachment harnesses are beneficial if you're dog is constantly pulling. It works by the way the leash is attached. As the leash attachment point is in the front if your dog pulls ahead of you, they will naturally need to turn back to you. This is how these harnesses stop pulling.


Back Attachment Harnesses

These harnesses have the attachment for a leash on the back of the dog, sitting right behind the shoulder blades. This allows your dog to walk in front of you with no issues at all. Back attachment harnesses are particular good when you need to take pressure off your dog's neck.


Head Harness or Head Collar

These are not really a harness, but they are described as such and are always grouped with the harnesses by retailers. Regardless, they are a great no pull dog harness solution. These types of harnesses/collars take time for your dog to use to. Head harnesses work by causing your dog to focus on you when they pull ahead. This causes them to stop in their tracks and focus on you.

Use the guide above to decide which no pull harness is for your dog.