PAW FIVE Velcro Patch (Glow in the Dark)

Does your dog represent the Paw Five spirit? Paw Five's core values are honesty, adaptability, trust, love and a Never Give Up attitude. Style your pet’s harness with interchangeable patches and let others know what your dog is about. Is your dog currently “IN TRAINING” or is your dog offering “FREE HUGS”? Select your unique patch and show others your dog’s unique personality.

The patches are made of a durable polyester with a durable Velcro backing to ensure lifelong use. The two layers are carefully stitched and then Glow in the Dark material is added onto the lettering to ensure nighttime visibility.

  • DURABLE: Made of a durable polyester and Velcro backing that is double stitched together.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE: Can be used on our CORE-1 Harness or other Service Dog harnesses
  • INCREASES SAFETY: Patches properly inform others of your dog's status
  • INCREASES VISIBILITY: Eye-catching lettering and Glow in the Dark elements are sure to capture attention
  • PROMOTE YOUR PET: Display your dog’s personality to others with these unique patches

Dimensions: 2 X 6.3 INCHES

Quantity: 2 Patches per Pack

Backed by our Paw Five 100 % Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee