Dog Leash - Paw Five SWIFT-1™ Leash | 5 Feet

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Dog Leash - Paw Five SWIFT-1 Leash -- The solution for more pleasurable walks

The dog leash to be thrilled about is finally here! The Paw Five SWIFT-1™ leash is your daily go-to leash! -Take full control of your walks with this innovative 5 feet leash. Easy to use and compact with all the features you'd want in a leash.

The SWIFT-1 comes with a built-in waste bag dispenser to ensure you're ready when "nature calls".  The handle is padded with neoprene to maximize control and comfort. Whether you’re out with your dog on a walk, hike or adventure; you need the proper gear to make those walks pleasurable. Choose the Paw Five SWIFT-1™ dog leash.

Product Features

  • Built-in Waste Bag Dispenser
  • Neoprene Padded Handle
  • D-ring for Accessories Attachment
  • Reflective Stitching
  • Heavy-Duty Chrome Hook

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Built-in Waste Bag Dispenser

The SWIFT-1 features an innovative built-in waste bag dispenser to ensure you're prepared when "nature calls".

A Closer Look

Built-in Waste Bag Dispenser: Always prepared when "nature calls".

Neoprene Handle: Experience the utmost comfort with super soft neoprene.

Reflective Stitching: Reflective stitching maximizes nighttime safety and visibility.

Heavy-Duty Hook: Durable hook ensures long-lasting use.

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