Heavy Duty Dog Harness - Paw Five CORE-1

heavy duty dog harness

If there’s a heavy duty dog harness that you should be excited about, it’s the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness. Giving owners full control of their walks, it stops pulling and quickly gets your dog back on track. It’s innovatively engineered with a built-in waste bag dispenser, which makes your walks incredibly convenient as well.


Heavy Duty Dog Harness


The outer shell of this big dog harness is designed with waterproof material, so your furry friend doesn’t get wet when it’s raining. Meanwhile, the inside lining uses durable polyester to create a silky-smooth feeling, ensuring your dog receives maximum comfort.

Its built-in waste bag dispenser keeps waste bags at the ready, thus enabling owners to prepare their dogs for a walk with just one snap of the buckle. Moreover, it features adjustable waist and chest straps to ensure optimal comfort and a snug fit.

This heavy duty harness is further designed with a padded handle to maximize grip, comfort, and user control during use. Its interchangeable side patches also allow owners to personalize their harnesses, such as by adding a FREE HUGS patch or their dog’s name.

Boasting a side D-ring, the CORE-1 harness can be used to attach pouches and other accessories as well. Its frontal reflective stitching and safety strip ensure optimal nighttime presence and visibility, making it easier for owners to keep track of their dogs in the dark.

With a heavy-duty D-ring, snap buckle, and authentic safety belts, this heavy-duty harness is a durable product that will last all walks and adventures. Its breathable inner liner helps reduce heat, while its memory foam conforms to your dog’s body, further enhancing comfort.


Heavy Duty Dog Harness


Featuring forged D-rings and double stitched seams, the CORE-1 harness boasts enhanced durability and strength and is able to endure tension from hard tugs and pulls. The girth belt is strategically placed to prevent rashes and chaffing on the abdomen and surrounding areas, while the harness itself sits just above the shoulder of your dog, thus preventing pulling and choking, and reducing the strain on contact points at the same time.

With only two adjustment options, this no-pull harness is extremely easy to adjust, and even easier to put on. You just need to place the velcro portion across the lower neck and upper chest area and buckle the harness on the chest. Since the front strap goes around your dog’s chest, you don’t need to worry about it being stuck under your dog’s arms.

Furthermore, this heavy- duty harness comes with an ergonomic and comfortable padded traffic handle that enables owners to increase the control they have over their dog in dangerous situations. This increases control, prevents tangling and injuries, and takes the pressure off your companion’s neck.


Heavy Duty Dog Harness 2


Whether you want to take your dog to the park, on a hike, or any other adventure, you need the right gear to have a pleasurable and comfortable experience. Being one of the best heavy duty harnesses available, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something better than the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness. At Paw Five, you’ll find nothing but the best for your loyal friend.