Facebook Affiliate Method

Please follow the steps below to start making sales in Facebook groups.


1. Find Facebook groups related to your breed of dog

  • Note: Join groups that are at least 1000+ members

  • Do not join groups that clearly say "no advertising, spam or selling"

  • Once you get into the group, make a first post and introduce your dog


2. Make your post

  • Copy/paste the text below or that was assigned to you

  • Be sure to change the copy/paste example text to fit your dog's description. (Breed, weight, name and harness size etc)


3. Important Note: After posting if the "$" sign comes up you'll have to manually turn this off for your post.

  • Press the upside down arrow on the top right

  • Click "Turn off sale format"


4. Be sure to reply any questions or comments on your post