Dog Poop Bag Holder Harness - Paw Five CORE-1

dog poop bag holder harness

Looking for a dog poop bag holder harness that stops pulling? If yes, then what you really need is the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness. Every dog owner wants nothing but the absolute best for his loyal friend, and that is exactly what CORE-1 Harness promises. Exclusively made for large and medium dog breeds, this no pull harness prevents injuries and tangling, increases control, and takes off the stress put on your pet’s neck.


Dog Poop Bag Holder Harness


CORE-1 dog poop bag holder harness is an innovative heavy-duty dog harness and features a waste bag dispenser built-in. It is an everyday harness that not only ensures the comfort of your dog but is also very easy to put on. The harness also comes with a heavy-duty D-ring to attach the leash as well as an easy control handle. There’s also a side-point attachment system to attach a number of different accessories you want to take with you during your walks, such as water or dog tags.


What makes the CORE-1 Harness a great pick is the fact that it is user-friendly, stylish, comfortable, practical, and durable. It is designed such that it sits over your dog’s shoulder and prevents any choking or pulling. It also reduces the pressure on contact points, making sure your dog is at complete ease. This big dog harness also features fully adjustable chest and girth straps to ensure the best fit for your pet, regardless of the size.


Dog Poop Bag Holder Harness 1


The CORE-1 dog poop bag holder harness comes with a number of benefits. For instance, it comes with reflective stitching and straps that increase visibility at night to keep your dog safe. Similarly, the built-in waste bag dispenser makes sure that waste bags are readily available whenever needed. Plus, for more convenience, you can get your dog ready for a walk with just a snap of a buckle. So, there’s no need to wrestle with your dog to put on the leash! 

Another benefit of this harness is that it prevents accidents. With the padded ergonomic traffic handle, you have more control over your dog, particularly in critical situations, to keep it safe. The harness also reduces chafing, rashes, and injury to the dog’s abdomen or the surrounding area with its strategically placed girth belt. Meanwhile, to ensure the maximum comfort, it features memory foam that molds into your pet’s body while the breathable inner liner reduces heat.

CORE-1 Harness is long-lasting and durable. It has authentic safety belts and double-stitched seams along with a waterproof outer shell that makes it an ever-lasting product for all your adventures with your dog. Whether you’re going on a hike or just a simple walk around the neighborhood, Paw Five CORE-1 Harness is the gear you need to have a nice, pleasurable, and hassle-free time. The forged D-rings will endure tensions from tugs and pulls and provide maximum strength so that the harness doesn’t break. 


Dog Poop Bag Holder Harness 3


The dog harness is fully customizable, with the option of adding a custom patch. You can choose from five different colors (stealth black, diamond pink, leaf green, sky blue, and lava red).

Choosing the right harness becomes a lot easier when you know what you want. If you want added features, excellent design, safety, and durability, then Paw Five CORE-1 Harness is your best bet. With this best dog harness, your dog is bound to be a happy and balanced one, ensuring you have more fun when you take out your dog for a walk.