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big dog harness

A big dog harness helps to accomplish two important goals – protect the body of your dog against walk time injuries and deter your big dog from pulling on his leash during walks.


Big Dog Harness


Dogs need regular exercise, but it can take some effort to ensure that they heel and walk alongside you. Sometimes, people find this difficult and abandon walks altogether; however, this is not a healthy solution for your dog. Finding the best dog harness can be critical in ensuring your dog’s physical health as well as preventing strain in the back, legs, eyes, and chest.

A good no pull harness can make walking with your dog more relaxing and enjoyable without causing any discomfort to your dog. So what are the features that make a good no pull harness?

It should fit snugly, put no pressure or restriction on the movement of your dog's front legs, and must be designed with a strong and durable clip at the chest to attach the lease. Moreover, it should be easy to put on and should not require you to slip straps over his head or your dog to lift his paw.

The CORE-1 harness from Paw Five is a wonderful big dog harness that makes walking your dog a pleasure. It helps to redirect your dog’s energy and discourages him from pulling on the leash. It does not in any way cause any harm or discomfort to your dog; instead, it encourages him to walk beside you without any pulling, which also provides your arm with some relief.      

The many features of the CORE-1 harness make it one of the most comfortable and convenient no pull harness available. It gives you more control, thus ensuring an enjoyable experience while safeguarding the health and comfort of your dog. It is designed with a material that is soft, cool, and long-lasting.  


Big Dog Harness 1


The D-Rings that connect to the leash are sturdy and give you the steering power to walk your dog in the direction that you want. Moreover, its ergonomic padded handle allows you to better control your dog, thus preventing any accidents. You can adjust the girth and chest straps of this big dog harness to ensure a secure fit and prevent any rashes or chaffing on your dog’s abdomen or the skin around it.   

Another convenient feature that makes it one of the best dog harnesses is the built-in waste bag dispenser. Dogs are known to poop in the weirdest places, and having poop bags at hand can be very advantageous.

This heavy duty dog harness is waterproof, which makes it ideal for hiking or other outdoor activities. The no-hassle snap buckle means that your dog is ready for his walk within seconds. There are D-rings on the side which can be used for attachment of accessories such as keys, water, etc. Moreover, the side patches are interchangeable, thus making it easier to personalize this dog pop bag holder harness according to your preference. 


Big Dog Harness 2


The CORE-1 harness can transform your daily walk with your dog into a peaceful time of bonding. It perfectly complements your training and helps to keep your dog happy and healthy.