Tricks for Using Easy Walk Harness

Tricks for Using Easy Walk Harness

April 29, 2021

With an easy walk harness, daily walk with our dogs could be a relish. However, there are some tricks you may not be aware of that help to maximize the ease while using the harness. Let’s unlock these tricks one by one today. 

Trick One: Easy to put on 

To put on the harness effortlessly, what we need is a proper adjustment of the harness. Before we order a harness, we should measure the girth of the dog’s chest. By wrapping a soft measuring tape around the chest, (make sure we are gauging the largest part of the chest), we know the exact size that we should choose. After we receive and unbox the harness, put the harness on the dog at home and adjust it while the dog is wearing it to get the perfect fit. Afterwards, you will realize how straightforward and simple to put the the harness on.

Trick Two: Easy to control 

To make controlling an overexcited dog that pulls and tugs with little challenge, it’s essential not to passively await for the dogs to calm down. What we need to do is to quickly grab the big handle in the middle of the dog harness, which will allow us to keep our dogs right beside us no matter how hard they pull. With the same fashion, we can get our willful our dogs refusing to walk or stand up trouble-free. Instead of engaging in a “tugs of war”, we need to walk back towards the dogs and hold the handle in the middle of our no-pull dog harness again, which will not only give us maximum control but also prevent the dogs from backing down and escaping from the harness.

Trick Three: Easy to maintain 

By following two steps, we can be free of the mess caused by dog hairs sticking on the harness. To keep the easy walk harness neat and tidy, what we could do is first and foremost to always make sure the velcro patches are covering all the spiky areas. Once shooting down the only troublemaking part  that could be stuck with dogs’ hair or fur, we could get the rest of the harness clean by using an adhesive roller. All we need to do is to roll the harness once a week. It’s simply impossible to come by any products with such lower maintenance.

Trick Four: Easy to replace 

The most uncomplicated trick is to get a new easy walk harness from Paw Five every few years down the road because you will know by then you would definitely get a quality guaranteed harness and service.