Tips for Using Dog Harness

Tips for Using Dog Harness

April 24, 2021

After getting a dog harness, many might immediately put it on the dog. But there are some nuances we need to address and issues we need to deal with before using the dog harness.

First and foremost, adjust the harness. It seems obvious enough that we need to let the dog wear the harness first. What we need to do is more than simply unbuckling and buckling the harness. We should make sure the harness is not too tight on the chest, not restricting movement, not rubbing the dog in the wrong way. Otherwise, the harness may cause injuries.

Apart from the adjustments, we also need to be strategic about the way we lead our dogs with a harness. It’s critical not to passively await for the dogs to calm down when our dogs get overexcited and start charging ahead. The right way to approach this situation is to quickly grab the big handle in the middle of the harness, in this way we will have our dogs right beside us no matter how hard they pull. 

Similarly, when our dogs refuse to walk and drag behind us, we should take more initiative with the harness. Instead of engaging in a “tugs of war”, we need to walk back towards the dogs and hold the handle in the middle of harness again, which will not only give us maximum control but also prevent the dogs from backing down and escaping from the harness.

Don’t for get to give the dog harness several trail before actually using it outdoor for a long time. Let your dog wear the harness at home and walk them around indoor for a few times to test whether more adjustments are required. When our dogs feel comfortable wearing the harness at home, they are ready to walk outdoor with it. And they will not resist or try to escape from the dog harness later on.