The Ultimate Dog Leash at Paw

The Ultimate Dog Leash at Paw

February 04, 2021

The ultimate dog leash is available at Paw Five. This leash is built from the ground up to be a great daily leash and one that can be used for any adventure. Introducing the SWIFT-2 leash, comes in five majestic colors: leaf green, lava red, sky blue, diamond pink and stealth black.

The ultimate leash comes in at six foot in length. This is the optimal length to give your dog enough leeway to roam around and give you enough control. Reflective stitching is sewn throughout the leash to maximize safety and visibility in dim environments.

This leash features dual handles, one control handle and one main handle. The control handle may be used when you need proper control of your dog such as crossing the street.

This leash is built to be durable featuring double thickness of over 3mm. The handles are padded with neoprene which gives the ultimate comfort. The neoprene ensures there is a silky smooth feeling when using the leash.

The SWIFT-2 leash also comes with a built-in poop bag dispenser. This handy dispenser can hold any standard roll of pet waste bags. It is very easy to use and refill due to it's velcro locking mechanism. If you're looking for the ultimate dog leash thenĀ  get the SWIFT-2 leash at Paw Five.