The Perks of an Easy Walk Harness

The Perks of an Easy Walk Harness

May 12, 2021

An easy walk harness is of essential significance for a healthy relation between dog owners and their dog companions. For dogs, walk time is often the only chance to explore the outside world which they have been longing for every minute. The best dog harness for dogs should be equivalent to the armor for a soldier, in the sense that it protects them and allows maximized space for actions. For dog owners, walk time is the precious moment among a busy day schedule to savor together with your dogs. You would want to take time and enjoy the moment with ease.

When our dogs put on an easy walk harness, they are exempt of the unnecessary pressure on their neck. The harness sits on their shoulder and across their chest. The remarkable design allocates the tension to multiple attachment parts on our canine buddy, thus taking the stress away. Some may wonder whether the contact parts may lead to more chafing. Now, it is a legitimate concern, but also a problem that could be easier avoided by proper measurement and adjusting.  

What an easy walk harness brings on the table is more than freedom of movement. Another more advantageous result is the protection it offers under surprising circumstances and in face of accidents. Our dogs could be bombarded with multiple distraction and stimulation when they are exploring outside. They might get into sudden motion, like running, lounging, and galloping forward, ignorant of coming cars or busy traffic. A harness with a heavy duty traffic handle installed right in the middle is the best dog harness, which gives dog owners more control to keep the dogs from danger.

We sometimes see dog owners are chasing behind a charging dog, or pulling the leash hard to redirect a dog which is fixated into a passing squirrel. These are not the situations for people who have in possession of an easy walk harness and trained dogs loose-leash walk early during a puppy’s formative period. The perk of having such a harness is the leisure to take in everything during the 10-30 minutes daily walk with our dogs. The built-in poop-bag holder is a nice plus that maximizes the ease, frees your hands and saves you from awkward situations.