The Dog Leash of 2021- DO NOT MISS OUT! Paw Five

The Dog Leash of 2021- DO NOT MISS OUT! Paw Five

May 03, 2021

The folks at Paw Five are always tinkering and innovating to create the best pet products out there. We're always testing and applying new technology to create the best pet products out there. When our team of professional dog trainers asked us to produce the ultimate leash, we took the challenge. After a year of testing and innovating we created the Paw Five SWIFT-2 dog leash.

The Paw Five SWIFT-2 dog leash is at the optimal length of 6 feet. Six feet is the optimal length rated by professional dog trainers to be the best length. This length allows your dog enough freedom to roam around and gives you enough control.

This leash was made to be innovative and durable. Reflective stitching is sewn throughout the leash to maximize visibility in low light environments. This ensures that during those early morning and late evening walks you and your dog are seen and safe. The SWIFT-2 dog leash features an innovative built-in poop bag dispenser. This dispenser can hold and dispense any standard roll of pet waste bags. The dispenser features a dual feed system where you can choose the feed hole of your choice depending on the bag that you're using.

The SWIFT-2 dog leash is made with quick-dry nylon that is wear resistant. This is a nylon that can hold up over time. To ensure the durability of the SWIFT-2 dog leash, we doubled the layer giving over 3mm of thickness. Most dog leashes are only a single layer but the SWIFT-2 is doubled.

The SWIFT-2 comes in five amazing colors: sky blue, leaf green, diamond pink, stealth black and lava red.