The Big Dog Harness for Large Breeds - Heavy Duty at Paw

The Big Dog Harness for Large Breeds - Heavy Duty at Paw

January 28, 2021

Large breed dogs need specific made products as they're much larger in size. Paw Five has designed a harness from the ground up for big dogs. The CORE-1 harness is a big dog harness that is durable and heavy-duty.

The harness's girth and chest straps are made of authentic safety belts. These safety belts are similar to your car's seat belt. The chest and girth straps are fully adjustable ensuring your dog the perfect fit. The outer shell of this harness features a durable nylon that has rip stop qualities. The outer shell can shield against abrasion and wear. All seams on this harness are double stitched for added durability. The heavy duty snap buckle on this harness can withstand up to 200 lbs of force. The main D-ring for leash attachment is welded shut so it will not deform under any pressure.

For added safety, a frontal reflective belt and reflective stitching is added to maximize visibility for early morning and evening walks. Whenever you're out with your dog, there's a chance they're going to have a moment when "nature calls". When this happens, tear a bag from the built-in poop bag dispenser. This handy dispenser can hold and dispense any standard roll of pet waste bags. With a bigger dog usually means that you need more control. When you need total control of your dog there is a handy control handle located at the back of the harness. This ergonomic control handle ensures fast and easy access when you need it most.

TheĀ  CORE-1 big dog harness comes in 5 majestic colors: lava red, leaf green, sky blue, diamond pink and stealth black. A big dog needs a big dog harness so get the Paw Five CORE-1 harness.