The Best(est) Dog Leash of 2021- The Dog Leash That Does It All!

The Best(est) Dog Leash of 2021- The Dog Leash That Does It All!

May 18, 2021

There's a dog leash that dog owners are all raving about and here it is! The Paw Five SWIFT-2 dog leash! The Paw Five SWIFT-2 has all the features. Built to be durable, long lasting, comfortable and easy to use.

The SWIFT-2 dog leash is 6 foot in length. This is the optimal length rated by professional dog trainers to give your dog enough room to roam around and allowing you enough control. The leash is made out of quick-dry durable nylon. The nylon is double layered to ensure maximum durability.

The dog leash features reflective stitching throughout to maximize visibility in low-light situations to maximize safety. Be seen during those early morning and evening walks. The handles are padded with super soft neoprene to ensure the greatest comfort. When you need total control of your dog such as crossing the street, use the traffic handle located one foot from the leash clip. This handle ensures you complete control over your dog in all situations.

The Paw Five SWIFT-2 dog leash features a chrome heavy-duty swivel clip. A built-in poop bag dispenser ensures waste bags are available at all times. The SWIFT-2 dog leash comes in 5 dazzling colors: sky blue, diamond pink, lava red, leaf green and stealth black.