The Best Harness/Vest For Your Service Dog | Paw Five

The Best Harness/Vest For Your Service Dog | Paw Five

January 28, 2021

If you have a service dog, then chances are they'll need a service dog harness. Having a harness not only allows them to do their job better but to let others know that they are a service dog. When choosing a service dog harness you'll want one that is durable, comfortable and easy to use with all the features that you need.

The Paw Five CORE-1 service dog harness comes in 5 cool colors. There's no need to stick with red all the time when it comes to a service dog harness. We wanted this harness to be durable so we made sure all seams are double stitched. The outer layer of this harness features a durable nylon that has rip-stop qualities. For the chest and girth straps we used genuine safety belts, similar to what you would find in your car. The genuine safety belts add safety and durability to the harness. The heavy duty D-ring for leash attachment is welded so it can withstand any amount of force and pressure mounted on it.

To ensure this is a comfortable harness, the girth and chest straps are fully adjustable. This ensures that your service dog will have a perfect fit, one that is not too loose or too tight. Memory foam is added to the middle layer of the harness. Memory foam molds to your dog's body when worn to provide the utmost comfort. Featuring a silk-like liner that is breathable that prevents body rashes and chafing on your dog's skin.

There are many handy features on this harness. The "Paw Five" patches are interchgeable and a "SERVICE DOG" patch may be added. There is a handy built-in poop bag dispenser for when your dog needs to go poop. Just tear a bag off this nifty dispenser whenever you need a bag. The dispenser is easy to use and refill. There is also a side D-ring used for the attachment of small accessories such as a water bowl or your dog's ID tags.

If you're looking for the ultimate service dog harness then choose the Paw Five CORE-1 harness.