The Best Dog Leash Rated by Professionals of 2021

The Best Dog Leash Rated by Professionals of 2021

March 26, 2021

If you own a dog then you'll have to take them on a walk. Going on a walk you'll need a  dog leash. The folks at Paw Five created the best leash rated by professional dog trainers. Introducing the Paw Five SWIFT-2 leash. This leash is 6 foot in length and this is the optimal length for control and enough room for your dog to roam around.

 The SWIFT-2 leash comes in 5 memorizing colors: sky blue, leaf green, lava red, stealth black and diamond pink. This dog leash is double layered giving over 3mm of thickness. This not only adds to durability but to comfort as well when you're holding it.

There are two safety features on this leash that we're going to go over. The first is the reflective stitching that's all around the leash. This reflective stitching maximizes visibility in low light environments enabling people to see you more easily. When you need total control of your dog there is a control handle located near the leash attachment flip. This clip is located exactly 1 foot away from the leash attachment clip.

When you're in need of a waste bag the SWIFT-2 dog leash has you covered. It comes in a built-in poop bag dispenser that can hold and dispense any standard roll of pet waste bags. On the leash is a small D-ring for the attachment of small accessories such as a collapsible water bowl.

All in all, the Paw Five SWIFT-2 dog leash is the ultimate dog leash of 2021.