The Best Dog Leash Money Can Buy for 2021 | Paw Five

The Best Dog Leash Money Can Buy for 2021 | Paw Five

April 28, 2021

Dog owners want the best for their dogs and this also includes the gear that they use. The folks at Paw Five are always innovating with the newest technology and embedding it into our products. The SWIFT-2 leash is the best dog leash money can buy.

The SWIFT-2 dog leash comes in 5 dazzling colors: diamond pink, stealth black, lava red, sky blue and leaf green. The leash is durable, handy and packed with useful features. Double layers make this leash durable and gives over 3mm of thickness.

The SWIFT-2 dog leash is 6 foot long. This is the designated length voted by professional dog trainers to give you enough control and your dog enough freedom to roam around. The handles are covered in super soft neoprene. This ensures the utmost comfort while using the leash. There is a second handle on this leash used as a control or traffic handle. Whenever you need total control over your dog you may use this handle. A D-ring on the top can be used to attach small accessories such as a collapsible water bowl.

The most handy feature on this leash is the built-in poop bag dispenser. This dual feed system can dispense any standard roll of pet waste bags. There is also the SWIFT-1 leash which is 5 foot in length without the traffic handle.

If you're looking for the best leash money can buy for 2021 then get the Paw Five SWIFT-2 dog leash.