The Best Dog Leash for Walking, Running or Hiking | Paw Five

The Best Dog Leash for Walking, Running or Hiking | Paw Five

January 14, 2021

When choosing the best dog leash, there are several factors you want to look for. Length, durability, comfort and features are what you want to look for in a good leash. The folks at Paw Five took the time to craft a great overall leash for any adventure.

Introducing the Paw Five SWIFT-2 leash, the best leash for walking, running or hiking. This leash is set at 6 foot in length. This is the optimal length suggested by professional dog trainers to give you enough control and enable your dog enough leeway. The leash features dual padded handles to ensure the utmost comfort when in use. The SWIFT-2 is made to be durable and agile. It features double layer of nylon making over 3mm of thickness. The swivel hook for leash attachment prevents tangles.

For safety, reflective stitching throughout the leash maximizes visibility in dim environments. The leash comes in five majestic colors: sky blue, lava red. leaf green, diamond pink and stealth black.

When you need total control over your dog use the control handle that is located a foot away from the leash attachment clip. The SWIFT-2 features a nifty built-in poop bag dispenser for when you need waste bags. This waste bag holder can hold and dispense any standard roll of pet waste bags. There is a D-ring near the handle for the attachment of accessories.