The Best Big Dog Harness For Large Breeds | Paw Five

The Best Big Dog Harness For Large Breeds | Paw Five

February 03, 2021

Every Large breed dogs need specialized gear. Gear that is made especially for them. When we created the CORE-1 harness, we wanted it to be the best big dog harness. What large dogs need is heavy duty gear.

The Paw Five CORE-1 harness features a durable outer shell that is waterproof with rip-stop qualities. The core layer of the harness features memory foam that will mold to your dog's body when worn. To ensure your dog is comfortable in the harness, the liner is breathable and prevents rashes.

The chest and girth straps are made of genuine safety straps (seat belt) that are reliable and add to durability. The harness is built like a tank and made to survive and go through any adventure. The Paw Five patches are removable and interchangeable with any other velcro patch. Many users of the CORE-1 harness opt for a personalized custom name patch. The main D-ring located at the rear for leash attachment features a reinforced and welded D-ring. A welded D-ring cannot be pulled apart when in use.

Having a large breed dog means that you'll need extra strength to maintain control over them. When designing this harness we made sure there is a handle to maintain control. The control handle located at the rear of the harness is designed for quick and easy access. It's also padded for ergonomics. Every dog does "their business" when out and about that that's where the built-in poop bag dispenser comes handy. If you're looking for a great big dog harness then choose the Paw Five CORE-1 harness.