Support and Service Dog Harness Vests | Paw

Support and Service Dog Harness Vests | Paw

December 24, 2020

Your service dog needs a service dog harness to do their job. Choosing a harness should be easy if you know what criteria to look at. When Paw Five was tasked to create the best service dog harness available we said "yes" and took the challenge. When creating the CORE-1 harness we looked at several factors for what makes a great harness. The factors that we focused on were comfort, fit, durability and functionality. By focusing on these four harnesses we were going to create the ultimate service dog harness.


To ensure that the harness is comfortable we made sure that the harness is fully adjustable giving that perfect fit. The chest strap is adjustable via velcro and the girth strap is adjustable via an adjuster clip. To ensure the utmost comfort we used a silky smooth liner that will prevent chafing on your dog.


To ensure durability, we made sure each and every part of this harness is heavy duty. The seams are all double stitched for added ruggedness. The girth and chest straps are made of safety belts, similar to what you would find in your car's seat belt. The snap buckle can withstand up to 100 kilograms of force and the D-ring for leash attachment is welded shut.

As for functionality we made sure that the harness is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. When you need control of your dog there is a safety handle that is conveniently placed for easy access. This handle allows you maximum control over your dog to prevent accidents. There is also a built-in waste bag dispenser for when you need waste bags. Pick up your dog's poop with a bag from this nifty dispenser that can hold and dispense any standard roll of pet waste bags.

If you're looking for a service dog harness vest then choose the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness.