Selecting The Right Service Dog Harness- Support Service Dog Vest

Selecting The Right Service Dog Harness- Support Service Dog Vest

November 02, 2020

Selecting the right harness for your service dog is essential for their success. A service dog harness is a symbol that your pet is a working dog and also allows others to acknowledge any disability the owner may have. Several factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a dog harness. We'll cover these factors below.

Size of dog

To ensure your you select the right harness, you'll first have to select the correct size. If the harness is too big your dog might come out of it. If it's too small it will be uncomfortable for your dog. The first thing to know is your dog's  chest and girth measurements. Usually harnesses focus on the girth measurement. The girth measurement of your dog is measured from the shoulder area all the way around to the stomach circumference.


Practical Features

Next factor is any specific features that you need. A good service vest would be one that is easy to put on and take off. You'll want to look for halter style harnesses like the one featured below. You might need a harness with a large D-ring to attach your leash. Another feature would be a handle that you can hold onto. You'll also want a harness with removable velcro patches on the sides so you can change them to your preference.

Design Features

There are also specific features to look for when selecting a dog harness. There are different types of materials you can choose from. Some are very durable and some are breathable. Some vests have built in poop bag dispensers and spots to put on special patches.


We suggest when selecting a service dog harness is to use the factors stated above and do some research for the best service dog vest for your needs.