No Pull Harness: The Best No Pull Harness to Prevent Pulling

No Pull Harness: The Best No Pull Harness to Prevent Pulling

November 02, 2020

At Paw Five we have an entire group of professional dog trainers constantly helping us develop and innovate our products. One of our main projects a while ago was to create the best overall no pull harness named the CORE-1 Harness.

What factors did we look at when designing this halter style no pull harness?


Creation factors

  • Durability
  • Safety and Control
  • Convenience
  • Fit and Comfort
  • Customization


We focused on five factors to create the ultimate no pull harness.



The CORE-1 harness is built to last. With heavy duty fabrics and metal accessories that were carefully selected. The outer shell of this harness uses a very durable and waterproof shell to keep the harness dry in damp conditions. A heavy duty snap buckle is used to secure your dog in the harness.


Safety and Control

We have implemented several safety features in this harness. The first is the use of an authentic car safety belt for the chest and girth straps. This ensures the harness can handle a lot of resistance from wear and tear. An ergonomic traffic handle is placed at the back of the harness to maximize control when you need it. When focusing on low light level situations we decided to increase visibility by incorporating reflective stitching throughout the harness.



Due to it's halter style design, you can ready your dog for a walk with a simple snap of a buckle. The velcro located at the chest strap ensures the harness stays to size so you don't have to re-adjust it each time. An innovative built-in poop bag dispenser was included because as we know when our dogs are out and about, "nature calls".


Fit and Comfort

Having the proper fit and utmost comfort for your dog is a priority when it comes to a harness. The chest strap and girth strap designed to clip from under the belly is fully adjustable. The lining on the back side of the harness is breathable material ensuring heat dissipates.



The velcro patches located on each side of the harness are removable and custom patches may be ordered to any custom text. The side D-ring located on the top right can be used to attach small accessories such as dog tags or a collapsible water bowl.

To create the best no pull harness at Paw Five we gathered a group of professional dog trainers and focused on five factors that go into a great dog harness.