No Pull Dog Harness That Makes Walks Easier | Paw

No Pull Dog Harness That Makes Walks Easier | Paw

December 14, 2020

If you're looking for a no pull dog harness that helps make walks easier then you've come to the right place. The folks at Paw Five have engineered a daily use no pull harness that helps get walks back on track.

The CORE-1 Harness was created to be the best daily use no pull dog harness. This harness is the correct tool to use to gently teach your dog the proper leash manners. It features a rip-stop outer shell that guards against wear and tear. The middle layer features memory foam that's designed to mold against your dog's body to ensure the most comfort. The liner that is used feels silk-like and prevents rashes and chafing on your dog's skin. When selecting a harness you want to choose one that is comfortable. To ensure this harness is comfortable for long periods of time we made sure that the harness gives the perfect fit. To ensure the perfect fit, the chest and girth straps are fully adjustable.


There are many convenient and useful features on this harness. The first is the control handle that is conveniently located at the back of the harness for easy control. When you're out and about we know that nature will call so we included a built-in waste bag dispenser. Pick up your dog's excrement with the pull of a waste bag from the dispenser. A side D-ring is used for attaching your dog's ID tags and small accessories such as a collapsible water bowl.


If you need to train your dog to stop pulling then use the proper tool and choose the Paw Five CORE-1 no pull dog harness.