No Pull Harness - Enjoy Those Walks with #1 Rated Harness

No Pull Harness - Enjoy Those Walks with #1 Rated Harness

February 02, 2021

If your dog is constantly pulling on the leash then you'll want to get a no pull harness. The Paw Five CORE-1 harness gently teaches your dog the proper leash manners and gets those walks back on track.

The harness is very durable, comfortable and stylish. Everything you would expect and need from a harness is all here.

The harness features a durable outer shell that can withstand wear and tear. This durable nylon is also waterproof and shields against the outdoor elements. Genuine safety belts are used for the chest and belly strap. These safety belts are not only durable but add safety.

Memory foam is used for the core of the harness to ensure comfort. The foam mold's to your dog's body when the harness is worn creating a perfect fit. A silky-smooth liner is used to prevent chafing and rashes. The straps are fully adjustable giving an optimal fit on all touch points of the harness.

There are many features on this harness and the main one that is mostly used will be the built-in poop bag dispenser. This dispenser and hold and dispense any standard roll of pet waste bags. Just tear one off each time you need it. To refill the dispenser just open the velcro opening and stick in another roll. There are times when you need total control over your dog and that's where the ergonomic control handle can be used. This handle located at the rear of the harness is designed for easy access. If you like to customize your harness then the velcro patches are interchangeable and custom patches can be made to order. If you need a no pull harness then get the Paw Five CORE-1 harness.