No Pull Dog Harness: What is it and Which Type You Should Use

No Pull Dog Harness: What is it and Which Type You Should Use

November 02, 2020

We're going to cover what's a no pull dog harness and why you should use one.

No pull dog harnesses are harnesses that prevent your dog from pulling. They help train and teach your dog to walk properly without pulling. These types of harnesses come in several designs.


Halter Style Harness

Halter style harnesses have a clip at the back of the harness. These types of harnesses are good if your dog pulls minimally. One benefit of these harnesses are that they're comfortable and very easy to put on and take off. If your dog pulls more than usually we suggest you try a front clip harness that we're going to be talking about.


Front Clip Harness


Front clip harnesses are great if your dog pulls quite a bit. These harnesses are a little more tricky to put on than halter type harnesses but work wonders to stop pulling. These are great training aides and can be used as a daily harness once your dog learns to stop pulling. There is a D-ring on the front and also the back for leash attachment. The D-ring on the front is mostly used in aiding with pulling.


Head Collar

The head collar is technically not a harness but it does the same job as a no pull harness. These collars fit over your dog's head and muzzle. How it works is when your dog pulls ahead the collar will force them to face you and stops their pulling. If your dog is a heavy pull then we suggest the use of a head collar. But note that these types of collars take time for your dog to get used to. Patience is advised when using a head collar.

Select your no pull dog harness from the types mentioned above depending on the frequency your dog pulls.