No Pull Dog Harness | Select the Best No Pull Harness For Your Dog

No Pull Dog Harness | Select the Best No Pull Harness For Your Dog

November 06, 2020

The Paw Five Easy Walk No Pull Dog Harness was selected by professional dog trainers to be the best in class for a no pull harness.

To cover the basics, a no pull harness is supposed to prevent your dog from pulling. If you have this problem then scroll down below to find out why this harness is best in it's class. 


No Pull

The CORE-1 Harness prevents pulling from the design of the harness. When the chest and girth straps are fitted properly, your dog will naturally not want to pull ahead. This harness prevents pulling differently than harnesses with a front clip attachment.



Comfort was one of our top features we focused on when designing this harness. We know that the harness will be used daily for long duration so we made sure it is comfortable. The girth and chest straps are very thick to ensure they do not dig into your dog's skin. The main panels of the harness are padded to distribute weight all around.



If you're using this harness daily then you'll want it to be durable. We sourced the best materials for this harness. The outer shell of this harness is waterproof to deal with rain. The main D-ring and snap buckle are the strongest available on the market.


Additional Features

What does your dog do every time they go out for a walk? They poop, so we added a built-in poop bag dispenser in this harness that can fit any standard roll of poop bags so you're ready when "nature calls". A padded traffic handle was also added to the back of the harness. This handle is very easy to grab and hold onto enabling you maximum control when you need it most.



If you're looking for a no pull dog harness, look no further! Choose the Paw Five CORE-1 Easy Walk No Pull Harness!