No Pull Dog Harness | CORE-1 Harness- Paw

No Pull Dog Harness | CORE-1 Harness- Paw

December 02, 2020

If your dog keeps pulling ahead during walks and you find this an issue then you'll want to look into getting a no pull dog harness. There are many different designs of these harnesses but they all do the same thing, they train your dog to stop pulling. This is the ultimate tool to get your walks back on track. At Paw Five, we created the CORE-1 Harness which is a daily use no pull dog harness.

There are many features on this no pull dog harness. The first is its durability, we made sure to use only heavy duty materials for each part of this harness. The adjustable chest and girth straps are made of the same material you can find on your car's seat belt. The snap buckle closure can withstand up to one hundred kilograms of force. The outer shell of this harness is made of a rip-stop nylon that will shield against the elements.

Another factor we focused on was comfort and fit. The ensure this harness is comfortable we used memory form for the core which is designed to mold to your dog's body when worn. The silk-like nylon liner is silky smooth and prevents rashes on your dog's body. The girth and chest straps are fully adjustable allowing that perfect fit for your dog.

For that maximum control we added an ergonomic control handle conveniently located at the back of the harness. The position of the handle allows for quick and easy access. We know that during those walks, runs and hikes that you're dog is going to have a moment when "nature calls". That is why we incorporated a built-in waste bag dispenser for that added convenience. There is also a side D-ring for the attachment of your dog's ID tags and other small accessories. The Paw Five velcro patches glow in the dark and are also removable. You can change to any other velcro patch that you like.

If you need a no pull dog harness then consider the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness.