Measurements and Materials of a Perfect Dog Leash

Measurements and Materials of a Perfect Dog Leash

April 22, 2021

When choosing a dog leash, we need to take into considerations the length, width and fabrics. The perfect length varies with dogs of different temperaments and inclinations. Similarly, the proper thickness of a dog leash could be diverse for different dogs in different daily walk situations. Then the kind of fabric that could work well for your dog might not be the generic ones in the market.

Length: 5 feet, 6 feet or longer?

For well-trained dogs with medium height, a 5 feet dog leash is good enough for daily walk. A  5 feet length could be perfect choice for dogs that tends to walk right beside their human parents. The shorter length would make it impossible to get in the way of walking. Because it is shorter, the dog leash won’t dangle to much onto the floor, either. 

For dogs that have an inclination to pull during everyday walk, a 6 feet dog leash with a second handle loop in the middle is the more preferable choice. The longer length not only gives the dog more space to explore, but also allows the owner more time to react to a sudden pull. The second handle loop is necessary in this case for it give you more control.

If you enjoy hiking or walking your dog in place that allows more space for exploration, you need a longer dog leash, then perhaps a retractable one would work the best.   

Thickness: 2mm, 3mm or thicker?

If it is impossible to prevent you dogs from chewing on the dog leash, then you need to get the thickest one available in the market. Otherwise, your leash won’t survive fo too long. Normally, a 3mm thick dog leash could suffice for daily use, more durable and not too heavy or cumbersome. A dog leash with a 2mm thickness could function well for a well-trained dog. 

Fabric: Nylon, Polyester or Metal?

If we are choosing a dog leash for a strong puller dog, then metal one should be a good choice for you. But normally, a polyester is an appropriate choice for daily adventure. A polyester material is light, fast drying and stretchy resistant. However, if you are looking into softer fabric, nylon dog leash is the one for you.