How to Use a No-Pull Dog Harness?

How to Use a No-Pull Dog Harness?

April 15, 2021

If your dogs are a puller during daily walk, it could present as a challenge to keep them under control or have them behave themselves all the time. What you need is a no-pull dog harness to keep our dogs from hurting themselves or you by accident. However, we need to learn the proper way to use such a dog harness. We should’t expect a no-pull dog harness to work its a magic when putting on immediately. Our dogs will still pull even if they are wearing the best no-pull dog harness. What we could expect is more control over our dogs with the aid of a reliable harness. But the first step is to harness a proper and systematic method. 

Before we use the harness in an actual task, we need to make sure the harness is adjusted to fit our dog. Even if the dogs have the same weigh, different breeds might have different shape, so we need to have our dogs try the harness on first. We need to confirm the harness is not too tight on the chest. Also, the no-pull dog harness should not be restricting the dog’s movement. 

After the adjustment for optimal performance, let our dog wear the harness at home and walk them around indoor for a few times to test whether more adjustments are required. When our dogs feel comfortable wearing the no-pull dog harness at home, they are ready to walk outdoor with it. And they will not resist or try to escape from the no-pull dog harness later on. 

Apart from the adjustments, we also need to be strategic about the way we lead our dogs with the no-pull dog harness. If our dogs get overexcited and start charging ahead, it’s critical not to passively await for the dogs to calm down. What we need to do is to quickly grab the big handle in the middle of the no-pull dog harness, in this way we will have our dogs right beside us no matter how hard they pull. 

The same tactic can be applied when our dogs refuse to walk and drag behind us. Instead of engaging in a “tugs of war”, we need to walk back towards the dogs and hold the handle in the middle of our no-pull dog harness again, which will not only give us maximum control but also prevent the dogs from backing down and escaping from the harness.