How to Measure Your Dog for an Easy Walk Harness?

How to Measure Your Dog for an Easy Walk Harness?

April 16, 2021


Before we make a decision to purchase an easy walk harness, we need to take some time to get the right measurements of our dog. You may think it’s  a simple step. How hard could it be to weigh our dog? But it’s not that easy. 

An apple and a banana could have weighed the same, but their shapes means that we need to use quite different wrappers to package them up respectively. The same goes for our dogs. Different breeds have quite diverse and unique physical contours, so we need to take a couple of measurements in order to choose the most fitting easy walk harness. 

Apart from weigh, we also need to measure the girth of the chest. Put a soft measuring tape around the chest of the dog (make sure we are gauging the largest part of the chest). In this way, we know the exact size that the easy walk harness should unfold to cover. We don’t want to buy one that need some stretching to buckled up. And we don’t want one that’s so large that the minimal length is longer than our largest measurement. 

We also need to do some anticipatory calculation, especially if we are buying an easy walk harness for a growing teenage dog. Of course, we could buy another harness after our teenager fur buddy has fully blossomed. It might save you some time for the moment, but it’s not as economical as buying one easy walk harness that could still fit even after our dogs grow bigger. Now, it seems a bit tricky, and sometimes it’s simply an impossible mission to accomplish. However, we could get an approximate measurement if we know the size of our puppy’s biological parents. In this case, we could prepare for the loner term and choose an easy walk harness that has a range covering both the current size and at the same time leaving room for our puppy to grow. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money and earth resources.