How to Choose the Best Dog Leash - Paw Five Products

How to Choose the Best Dog Leash - Paw Five Products

January 04, 2021

Choosing the best dog leash is easy if you know what to look for. There are many styles of leashes to choose from and in this article we will cover the kinds of dog leashes.

Choosing a leash depends on the function you want it for. Some leashes are good for walks and some are good for running. There are three kinds of leashes: retractable, standard and bungee leashes.

Retractable leashes are good for every day walking and are in a range of five to ten meters depending on the leash. These leashes are very thin and are not very durable against wear and tear. The leashes can be locked on a specific length which makes walking and control easier. These leashes are best used for walks.


Standard leashes are best for overall if you cover all kinds of activities from running to walking. These leashes are usually between four to six feet in length and are very durable against wear and tear. These leashes can have dual handles allowing for more control. Also, they can have added amenities such as a built-in poop bag dispenser.

Bungee leashes are best if you go for a lot of runs with your dog. There is a bungee cord in the middle of the leash to absorb the pulls and tugs when running with your dog. These leashes usually have a waist attachment so you can run hands free.

Overall if you're planning to do all kinds of activities with your dog we suggest getting a standard dog leash.