How To Choose A Service Dog Harness | Paw

How To Choose A Service Dog Harness | Paw

December 01, 2020

When selecting a service dog harness you'll want to look at several factors. Your service dog will be wearing their vest for long periods of time so you want to make sure to select a harness that is comfortable. In this article we'll cover the factors of a good harness using the Paw Five CORE-1 Service Dog Harness as an example.


Comfort is one of the top factors when selecting a harness for your service dog. They'll be going for long periods of time so make sure to choose a harness with a comfortable design and materials. Slip-on harnesses should be avoided as they're not comfortable for long periods and are difficult to put on and take off. You'll want to stick to a halter style design as indicated by the photo below.

The Paw Five CORE-1 Harness features a halter style design and the adjustable girth straps guarantees your dog a perfect fit. Memory foam is used for the middle layer, molding to your dog's body giving the utmost comfort. Another facet to factor in when selecting a harness is safety. You'll want a harness that is safe and easy to use. The CORE-1 harness features 360 degrees of reflective stitching which maximizes visibility in dim environments. A harness should maximize control over your dog and that is what the padded safety handle located at the back of the harness is for.

A service dog harness is not complete without the "SERVICE DOG" velcro patches. The "Paw Five" patches are held on via velcro and is interchangeable. Durability is another top factor when selecting a service dog harness. This harness features an outer layer that is made of heavy duty rip-stop nylon to guard against wear and tear. The chest and girth straps are made out of authentic seat belts like the ones you find in your car. The main D-ring for leash attachment is welded shut for added durability.


If you're looking to a great service dog harnesses that checks all the boxes then consider the Paw Five CORE-1 Service Dog Harness.