How To Choose A Dog Leash | Paw

How To Choose A Dog Leash | Paw

December 01, 2020

When choosing a dog leash you'll want to look at several factors. If you're unsure of how to select a dog leash, the folks at Paw Five got you covered with this helpful article. When choosing a dog leash you'll want to consider the factors listed below.

Leash Factors

  • Intended use
  • Length
  • Material
  • Features

The main factor to account for when choosing a dog leash is the intended use. If you like to let your dog walk further ahead then you'll want to look into retractable leashes. Most retractable leashes go up to to five meters in length. If you want a leash that offers more control with padded handles then look for a standard leash. Standard leashes usually come in four to six feet. Six foot leashes are the gold standard for walking, hiking or running. It's not too long and not too short. It gives the optimal length weather you have a small or big dog. Most leashes are made of out nylon. There are standard leashes that are made of leather but usually costs more more than their nylon counterpart. If you want a leash to deal with different climates we suggest to choose a nylon leash to your desired length. Some leashes have different features. There are leashes made specifically for running with dogs as they have a bungee cord sewn in the middle to absorb the force when your dog pulls ahead. The Paw Five SWIFT-2 leash features a built-in waste bag dispenser as well as reflective stitching for maximizing visibility in dim environments.

If you're looking for a dog leash for your dog then consider the listed four factors above.