How to Choose a Dog Leash?

How to Choose a Dog Leash?

April 14, 2021

Walk time is probably one of the most happy moments in a day for our dogs, second only to meal time perhaps. It is very important to choose the right dog leash for such a delightful routine. However, we might feel overwhelmed by the miscellaneous selection out there in the market when searching for the best one for our fur baby. Don’t panic. We are here to help. If you find one dog leash product that meets all of the following criteria, don’t hesitate and make the purchase. 

To begin with, we need to check the durability of the material. During walk time, our dogs might get overexcited by a passing squirrel, a hopping bird, or even a flowing plastic bag. A good dog leash should be able to last through this pulls and tugs. For leashes made with similar material, a double layered dog leash would mean optimal performance. 

Next, we need to make sure the dog leash can protect both the dogs and their human. Because a leash will directly come into contact with skins, it should’t be too rough, otherwise the leash might cause more damages on skins, hands and even joints. A well-designed dog leash should have a soft inner layer where the handles are.

Plus, we should choose a dog leash that can serve well in multiple outdoor situations. Sometimes we would go hiking in a natural reserve, morning jogging along the beach, and camping in the forrest with our dogs, a dog leash should be able to enhance visibility during night-time as well as in gloomy days. Sometimes, we might forget to take a poop bag when we are in a hurry, a dog leash installed with poop bag holder would save us tons of trouble and embarrassment.

Last but not the least, an appealing design should be taken into consideration. A dog leash is an accessory we would use every single day, which should represent our style, taste and affection towards our best companion. If the leash checks all the above boxes and could serve as your fashion statement, make the order and get it home. We won’t regret the decision.