How to Choose a Dog Harness?

How to Choose a Dog Harness?

April 12, 2021

When choosing a dog harness for our fur baby, we need to take several factors into consideration:

  1. Durability. A good dog harness should be able to function for its designated purpose for an extended period of time, say one year or two (make sure you don’t mix the harness with dog’s toys. No harness can last long if we let our dog chew on or tear it apart)

  2. Comfort. We need to make sure that the harness is not too rough or tight. Rough texture material could cause rashes. Wrong size, too small a size in particular, might injure our dogs’ joints. 

  3. Ergonomics. A good dog harness should not only fit the shape of our dogs, but it should also be handy and fitting for daily handle. It should give us the maximum control with relatively less energy or strength required to use. 

  4. Aesthetics. Some may argument that the look is not important when it comes to dog harness, but an appealing design will make the daily walk more pleasant.

  5. Safety. For those dog owners who would need to walk their dog at nights or beside a busy road, reflective feature is a must when choosing a dog harness.