Heavy Duty Dog Harness | Rugged Dog Harness For The Outdoors - Paw Five

Heavy Duty Dog Harness | Rugged Dog Harness For The Outdoors - Paw Five

December 04, 2020

If you spend a lot of time outdoors with your dog then you're going to need rugged gear. Gear that is reliable that lasts through each adventure. At Paw Five we strive to create the best pet products that you can use daily. When creating the ultimate harness for outdoors we looked at several factors to create a heavy duty dog harness. We named this harness the CORE-1 Harness and packed it full of features.

 Our number one priority was to ensure this harness was rugged and to do that we carefully selected each part and material. The outer shell of this harness utilizes a rip-stop nylon that can shield against injuries and wear. The chest strap is velcro adjustable and is made from an authentic safety belt. The safety girth strap has a snap buckle that is capable of withstanding up to 100 kilograms of force.

The harness's halter style design ensures you can ready your dog for a walk within seconds. Just put the harness over your dog's head and snap the buckle. When you need control of your dog there is an easy access control handle located at the back of the harness. This handle is very effective if you dog tries to lunge forward and is conveniently placed for easy access.

The CORE-1 Harness also features a built-in waste bag dispenser so when "nature calls" you're always prepared. This dispenser holds and dispenses any standard roll of pet waste bags. During those outdoor adventures with your dog they're going to get thirsty and the side D-ring is used for the attachment of a collapsible water bowl and ID tags.

The Paw Five CORE-1 Harness is built from the ground up to be a heavy duty dog harness that is capable of handling the outdoors. Overbuilt for the wild.