Heavy Duty Dog Harness from Paw Five - Durable, Easy to Use and Comfortable

Heavy Duty Dog Harness from Paw Five - Durable, Easy to Use and Comfortable

January 07, 2021

We use our dog's walking equipment daily and if you're using a harness then you'll want to get one that is heavy duty. The folks at Paw Five set out to create a comfortable yet heavy duty harness.

Over one year of trial and research and the Paw Five CORE-1 harness has been created. To ensure this harness is heavy duty we made sure each component of this harness is durable. We'll start off with the outer shell which is made of rip-stop fabric. Rip-stop fabric is great for shielding against wear and tear and the outdoor elements. If a small puncture or rip were to occur the rip-stop qualities prevent it from getting any bigger. The chest and girth straps are made of safety belts which are similar to those in your car's safety belt. This ensures the body of the harness is sturdy and reliable. All seams on this harness is triple stitched to ensure it holds together with use.

As previously mentioned, when creating this harness we also wanted the harness to be comfortable too. To ensure comfort, we have a memory foam core that is designed to mold to your dog's body and a silky smooth liner that prevents chafing and rashes. The girth and chest straps are fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.

A harness enables more control over your dog than a traditional collar. On the CORE-1 harness is an ergonomic control handle that can be used to maximize control over your dog in certain situations. The velcro patches are interchangeable and custom patches can be made to order. A side D-ring is for the attachment of small accessories and ID tags.

If you're in need of a heavy duty dog harness then get the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness. Built from the ground up to be heavy duty.