Heavy Duty Dog Harness For Any Adventure | Paw Five

Heavy Duty Dog Harness For Any Adventure | Paw Five

December 16, 2020

Dog owners love to use a harness over a traditional collar as it gives you more control over your dog. If you're looking for a durable harness that can get through any adventure then you're in the right place. The Paw Five CORE-1 Harness is designed from the ground up to withstand any adventure.

Durability is the first factor we focused on when designing this harness. We ensured each piece and material of this harness is heavy duty. The outer layer of this harness features a durable nylon that has rip-stop qualities. Rip-stop material prevents a small tear from getting any bigger. The girth and chest straps are made of genuine safety belts, the same material as your car's seat belt. This not only adds to durability but increases safety. From our experience, plastic parts on a harness are easy targets for wear and tear. When scouting for a buckle that would fit this harness, we picked a snap buckle that can withstand up to 100 kilograms of force. We carefully selected each material to ensure this product will be long-lasting.

Comfort is the second factor we wanted to implement in this harness. Featuring a memory foam core that's designed to wrap around your dog's body when worn giving that extra comfort. The silky smooth liner feels plush and is designed to prevent chafing and friction.

The third and fourth factors we focused on were convenience and ease of use. Due to the harness's halter style design, this harness can be put on and taken off within three seconds. As pet owners, we know that your dog is going to need to poop. With the built-in waste bag dispenser you no longer have to worry about having waste bags on hand. This innovative dispenser can hold and dispense any standard roll of pet waste bags.

To maintain control of your dog in critical situations we added a control handle that is conveniently located at the rear of the harness. This position allows the handle to be accessed quickly. The glow in the dark velcro patches are also removable and interchangeable if you wanted to switch them out with any custom patch of your choice. A side D-ring on the harness allows for the attachment of ID tags.

If you need a heavy duty dog harness to get you and your dog through any adventure, choose the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness.