Heavy Duty Dog Harness | Choose the Best Harness For Your Dog

Heavy Duty Dog Harness | Choose the Best Harness For Your Dog

November 06, 2020

If you're going to select the best heavy duty dog harness for your dog then you're in the right place! At Paw Five we realize that a one size fits all solution does not work when it comes to our canine pals. We are dog owners and know that large size breeds need a harness that fits all their needs. The CORE-1 heavy duty dog harness was built from the ground up with large breeds in mind.


If you have a big dog then the first thing that comes to mind when selecting a harness is size. The X-Large size of this harness can go up to 48 inches in girth. There are no worries if this harness will fit your dog or not. Also, for a harness to hold up for a large breed dog would mean that the rest of the harness is heavy duty. Designing and crafting this harness we spared no expense. Everything from the fabric to the D-rings are all heavy duty. The snap buckle can take up to 200 kilograms of pull force before cracking. The main D-ring for leash attachment also has the same capability as the snap buckle. All seams are triple stitched with reflective stitching around the body of the harness to maximize nighttime visibility.



Not only is the CORE-1 harness built to heavy duty standards but it is also innovative as well. We added a couple of features that we thought a dog owner would find handy. We made sure that the "Paw Five" patches are removable in order to customize the harness to your liking. Sport any Velcro patch or get a custom patch with your dog's name on it. We designed and added a built-in poop bag dispenser cause we all know if you're going out with your dog you'll need a poop bag in hand. A side D-ring was also sewn onto the harness for attachment of ID tags or small accessories.

If you're looking for a heavy duty harness then choose the CORE-1 Harness!