Features of the BEST Dog Leashes

Features of the BEST Dog Leashes

May 04, 2021

When dog owners start the journey with a dog, we always start with a hunt for a dog leash. For daily walk and weekend hiking, the go-to leash for a dog owner should last for years. Sometimes, a leash could be a sentimental token of the growth of the bond between dog parents and their canine babies. Therefore, it is of great significance to choose the best leash.

A functional, secured and aesthetically appealing leash is out there waiting for the one dog to serve. Today, let’s walk through the features and details that we need to look for in a dog leash.

A dog leash should be well made, ideally with woven ropes that can absorb the shock and diffuse the pulls from a pulling dog. Now, training is still the key. We would want to keep the leash relaxed and hanging loose rather than straining all the time. But, we need a leash for basic precautions.

The best material should be waterproof or at least dry-fast. No one would want to see a leash that takes long time to dry. Otherwise, after a few rolls on the grass, next thing you see would be molds on the leash. During daily walk, we sometimes may be walking in the rain, a reliable leash should be easy to clean and maintain. It would be better that the leash can be odor-proof too. A strong odor could invite the dogs to sniff and chew on it. 

We also need to make sure the dog leash is of the proper weigh for daily walk. As for the length, a 1.5 feet or 1.8 feet are effective. A leash with such lengths will give our dogs enough freedom to explore and also allow dog owners to tend to any sudden pulls.

We don’t want to use retractable leashes if the dogs are pullers because such leash might encourage the pulling behaviors. We need some training for such dogs, not longer leashes. For dogs that are well-trained, a light and sturdy leash with 1.5-1.8 feet length will work.

Don’t forget to look for leashes with padded handle which will be hand-friendly and pressure-diverting when our dog pulls when seeing squirrels passing the roads.