Features of the BEST Dog Harness

Features of the BEST Dog Harness

May 03, 2021

It is customary for people to assume that putting a harness on dogs is much safer than using a collar. And professionals have our back on this notion. For daily walks, occasional hiking and long outings, dog harness is a much more reliable choice, taking pressure off the neck while allowing better control for the humans who care dearly for their dogs. The best dog harness is hard to come by, but there is still hope to get one for your dogs. Let’s go over some tricks to facilitate your hunt for the one and only dog harness.

“Devils” in the Details

A devilishly superb dog harness should have all the details sorted out for its optimal performance. The best dog harness would feature the most ergonomic design of the shape, which would fit seamlessly on the dog once put on. Also the buckle should snap closed immediately and securely. The stitches  would be neatly and firmly sewn on the edges. The fabrics should be wrinkles resistant and waterproof, or least dry fast, because we can’t expect the weather to be nice and sunny every single day during our daily excursions with our often excited canine buddy. Plus, the color or pattern on the fabric should be resilient, meaning that it would not fade away easily. There should be reflective strips on the harness for gloomy days and night adventures. Don’t forget to check whether the harness has a built-in poop bag holder that could save us from embarrassing situations due to forgetfulness or haste. 

 Secret to Win a “Tug of War”

We can not always count on our own pure strength when our dogs have unconsciously or consciously determined to engage in a tug of war with us.  The best dog harness should always come into our rescue by equipping us the power of Hercules. Well, maybe it’s a bit exaggerated, but you get what I am referring to. As dog owners, we sometimes encounter situations in which we would wish to be more physical superior. A lounging, charging and darting dog is the last thing you want to “battle” with in your daily walk. A dog harness with a wielded alloy attachment ring for leash is the one your would want to choose. You would also want to make sure the harness has a strap that sits across the chest of your dog which will diffuse the pull effectively as magic. Don’t forget to ascertain that a solid handle is installed at the middle of the harness, which is the key for control when it comes to serious pulling.