Easy Walk Harness - Paw Five No Pull Easy Walk Dog Harness

Easy Walk Harness - Paw Five No Pull Easy Walk Dog Harness

November 19, 2020

Are you looking for an easy walk harness? The Paw Five no pull easy walk dog harness is built from the ground up to be a daily use easy walk harness. If you're having trouble with your dog pulling ahead during walks then use this harness.

Paw Five specializes in creating innovative products that pets trust. From design to full production of this harness included the help of engineers, designers and dog trainers at Paw Five to produce this masterpiece.

In creating this harness we were given a set of factors to focus on by the professional dog trainers at Paw Five. We focused on comfort, fit, convenience, durability and safety.


For comfort and fit we focused on materials used and how the harness can be adjusted. A piece of memory foam is placed in between the silk-like lining and waterproof outer shell. The memory foam ensures your dog the utmost comfort when using this harness. The girth and chest straps are fully adjustable ensuring your dog the optimal fit and comfort while wearing this harness.

For convenience, we designed this harness to be a halter style design. Halter styles are very easy to take on and off with the clip of a snap buckle. We have also added a built-in waste bag dispenser when you're out and about with your dog. This dispenser is capable of holding any standard roll of waste bags.



Every single part of this harness is made of heavy duty materials to ensure durability. The outer shell of this harness is made of a waterproof rip-stop fabric. The chest and girth belts are made of authentic safety belts, similar to what you would find on your car seat belt. The D-ring for leash attachment and snap buckle can withstand up to two hundred kilograms of force.

For safety, we added a padded ergonomic control handle for when you need control of your dog. This handle is placed conveniently at the back of the harness for easy access.

If you're looking for a great easy walk harness then consider the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness.