Dog Harness vs Dog Collar

Dog Harness vs Dog Collar

May 17, 2021

So what should dog owners choose when it comes to the best gear for daily walk? Should we opt for the best dog harness for it’s humane and user-friendly features? Or should we go with the best dog collar for its simplicity and efficiency? It really depends on what kind of canine babies you are raising up.

If we are looking at a dog that yet to learn loose-leash walk, we should probably choose a harness. At first glance, you may see contradiction in such a preference, believing that a collar would allow more control over pulling puppies. Yet, think about the potential harm it might inflict upon the dog if both the human and the dog are trying to pull hard. What we want are both safety and control, with a priority on safety though. Dog harness is a more appropriate option for a pulling dog because it takes the pressure away from the neck and redirects the control onto the shoulders, chest and abdomen, allowing more contact areas. As a result, we are actually gaining the same, if not more, control while preventing injuries. Round One, the victory goes to the best dog harness.

If your dog is of furry and fluffy breeds, regardless whether it stays by your side during daily outings or not, it will fit a harness more than a collar. For furry dogs, a collar is oftentimes buried and sometimes entirely covered underneath. Even though it might work fine during sunny daytime, yet when the day is overcast or when we are out for evening walks, it might become a potential danger for the dogs. Usually, a well-made collar or harness will have reflective safety stripe sewn in the middle. However, a reflective belt can not work if concealed by furs. It’s always better to possess an item that could work on different conditions. In this case, a harness is the more suitable choice. Round Two, the best dog harness wins.

For dogs that grow short and closer-to-skin hairs and have mastered a casual and relaxing demeanor during excursion and exploration, a collar could be a more proper gear.