Dog-and-human Friendly Gears for Daily Walk

Dog-and-human Friendly Gears for Daily Walk

May 06, 2021

When dog parents start to take the fur baby home, they are inevitably taking on the responsibility of looking after an extra life being other than oneself. With the responsibility comes the need for many supplies, chewing toys, water bowls, and comb for furs.  For daily walk, more gears are in demand, like dog harness, collar, leash, and pooh-bag holder.  

Now perhaps you have wondered wouldn’t it be superb to have one gear that satisfies all the needs? It would be too good to be true having the one ideal gear that’s versatile and portable, right? But, hold your breath, here it comes. May we present you the one and only Paw Five’s dog harness: it features ergonomic design and the multitasking functionality dog owners desire. 

The harness has a reflective belt woven right in the middle across the chest belt, so it can serve as a safety belt during the evening outings. It is also installed with a pooh-bag holder on the back, handy for dog owners to place in and get out a roll of bags. The large size welded D-rings anchored in the middle makes the perfect attachment point for a similarly well-made Paw Five dog leash. The smaller size welded D-ring at the side leaves us options to add some personal items for name tags or styling accessories. 

The most amazing design is the way it sits on the dog’s shoulder. Once wearing the harness, dogs, especially those pullers, would be under less pressure on the neck. At the same time, the special design of the dog harness diffuses the strain from the pulling, allowing the dog parents more control. Though our fur babies would still pull when in high spirits and training is still the key, the harness makes our everyday walk more delightful.