Big Dog Harness - Harness for Large Sized Breeds - Paw Five

Big Dog Harness - Harness for Large Sized Breeds - Paw Five

January 08, 2021

Large sized breeds need large sized gear and that's what the folks at Paw Five have created. The Paw Five CORE-1 harness is made specifically for large size breeds dogs.

This harness features a stellar outer shell that is made from rip-stop fabric. Rip-stop fabric prevents any holes and gashes in the material from getting any bigger. It's a good material to guard against wear and tear. To ensure comfort we have a memory foam core with a silky smooth liner. The liner is breathable and prevents rashes from forming on your dog's skin after long periods of wear.

The fully adjustable girth and chest straps are made of genuine safety belts similar to your car's seat belt. When you need a waste bag just tear one off from the built-in poop bag dispenser. This nifty dispenser can hold and dispense any standard roll pet waste bags. During times where you need full control of the dog you may use the ergonomic handle at the back of the harness. This handle is positioned for easy and quick access.

The "Paw Five" velcro patches are removable and interchangeable with ready made patches or a custom patch. Custom patches can incorporate up to 10 letterse or numbers and are made to order. If you're looking for a big dog harness then look no further than the Paw Five CORE-1 harness.