Big Dog Harness - Harness for Large Breeds | Paw

Big Dog Harness - Harness for Large Breeds | Paw

November 30, 2020

At Paw Five we strive to build the best pet products that you use every day. If you have a large breed consider the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness. This big dog harness is built from design to production from the ground up to be a harness for large breed dogs.


When it comes to products for large breed dogs, the products have to be heavy duty and durable. To ensure this harness would last through use, we ensured all the seams were triple stitched. For the adjustable straps that cover the chest and belly we used authentic safety belts, similar to the ones you find on your car's seat belt. The outer layer of this harness is made from a durable rip-stop nylon. For the middle layer, memory foam is used to mold around your dog's body and increase comfort. A silk-like nylon is used for the liner of the harness to prevent chafing and ensure your dog the utmost comfort. The main D-ring for leash attachment is double welded to give it that extra security.


Besides focusing on durability and comfort, we also focused on convenience and safety. Due to the CORE-1 harness's halter design, this harness can be put on and taken off within three seconds. We know when you're on a walk, hike or stroll with your dog that they're going to use the washroom. That is why we included a built-in poop bag dispenser on this harness for added convenience. An added feature on the harness is the side D-ring used for attachment of small accessories and ID tags.

If you're looking for a great all around harness for your large breed dog consider the Paw Five CORE-1 Harness.