Big Dog Harness | Harness For Large Breed Dogs at Paw Five

Big Dog Harness | Harness For Large Breed Dogs at Paw Five

January 02, 2021

Large breed dogs need heavy duty products and the same concept should be applied when it comes to a harness. A harness will enable you more control over your large breed dog. At Paw Five when our team of professional dog trainers asked us to produce a big dog harness we took the challenge.

The Paw Five CORE-1 harness is built from the ground up to be a harness for large breed dogs. To ensure this harness can withstand daily use we had to make sure each and every part of this harness is heavy duty. All seams are triple stitched to ensure durability. The nylon shell of this harness features a durable nylon that can shield against the outdoor elements. The fully adjustable chest and girth straps are made of authentic safety belts, similar to a car's seat belt. These straps ensure that your dog has the perfect fit to guarantee comfort when worn for long periods of time.  The heavy duty snap buckle can withstand up to 100 kilograms of pressure which is more than any amount of pressure of a dog can output.

The harness features memory foam for the core designed to mold to your dog's body when worn. The silky smooth liner prevents scratches and chafing on your dog's skin. When you need total control of your dog, use the control handle that is ergonomically located at the rear of the harness. When your dog poops, pick it up with a waste bag from the built-in dispenser. This innovative dispenser can hold and dispense any standard roll of pet waste bags.

A side D-ring can be used for the attachment of small accessories as well as ID tags. The "Paw Five" patches glow in the dark and are interchangeable with a custom patch or ready made patches. If you're looking for the best big dog harness then select the Paw Five CORE-1 harness.